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On Tuesday the 30th of June, Balrothery community Council held a regular meeting in the Heritage Centre. This meeting was attended by 2 members of an Garda Siochana stationed in Balbriggan Garda Station .

The Gardai were invited specifically to assist us with the ever increasing number of anti social behaviour incidents ,speeding cars , destruction of property and general increases in crime which have escalated in recent months in the village.
They went through the actual number of reported crime figures for Balrothery over the previous 3 months the majority of which were traffic related .

We highlighted our concerns and some specific incidents which were occurring in the village. Unfortunately they were unaware of some of the anti social behavioural issues we were having as these were not reported. They advised it it was imperative that we report all incidents of anti social behaviour destruction of property etc.
They will liaise with the Superintendent of Balbriggan Station on these matters.
Balrothery does not have a community Garda at the moment and 2 currently stationed in Balbriggan. I’m sure you would agree the presence of a Garda on either foot/bicycle may¬† help in deterring some of the anti social behaviour.
The escaping down the fields makes it almost impossible for the Gardai as only accessible by foot and groups splitting into numerous directions don’t help the situation either.

So once again can all residents please report any incidents of anti social behaviour to ensure Balbriggan Station take notice of what is happening in the village

We also discussed the possibility of setting up a text alert for the village which will discussed at the next meeting which we hope will also be attended by an Garda Siochana with an update on this service.

Balrothery community Council

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