Election Poster Free Village


The Local and European Parliament Elections together with two referendum amendments will be held on Friday 24th May.  

Balrothery Tidy Village Group are participating in the Posterfree campaign.  The request is for a voluntary ban on election posters to make Balrothery village a Poster Free Zone within the 60km/h signs.  This is in line with a green agenda aimed at reducing single use plastics and to adopt an alternative advertising/marketing medium instead.  This gives each candidate a chance to show their commitment to the environment. We are included in the national www.posterfree.ie campaign together with other towns and villages in Fingal. 


Corri Board Election Posters

Corrugated plastic, commonly known as Corriboard is the material of choice for election posters. Like other single use plastics, they take 400+ years to biodegrade. In the 2014 local elections, 2038 candidates ran for 949 seats. An estimated 611,000 posters were erected with a combined cost of €3M with posters covering the equivalent area of 23 Croke Parks. This produced 366 tonnes of Co2, the equivalent of driving an average car non stop for 592 days. In many areas, these posters were a safety and driving hazard, often obscuring important road signage. After 30 days of canvassing, the majority of these posters were sent to landfill.


Poster Free | Plastic Free

This May we’re calling on all candidates to go poster free (plastic free) during the 2019 Local and European elections. We request candidates to abstain from the use of single use plastics. We encourage candidates to align their green agenda with their actions by going poster free (plastic free). 

We ask that Tidy Towns and other environmental organisations support by coordinating with candidates to introduce voluntary bans and poster free zones. In a 2018 Claire Byrne Live/Amárach Research poll, 77% of respondents said that they thought the use of posters during election campaigns should be banned.

Thank you for supporting us on this issue and best of luck in the Elections.


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